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This OnlyFans Alternative Made by Creators is Keeping Its Sexuality

August 20, 2021

Only Fans Alternative.

On August 19, 2021, the social media site OnlyFans announced a ban on all sexually explicit content on their platform. IntrigueMe (IM) is a newer subscription-based social media platform that allows users to subscribe and access unlockable content from creators of all types; and they have no plans for removing sexually explicit content from their platform.

The IntrigueMe social platform was released in beta in the middle of April 2021, allowing people to sign up to be an IM user or creator. The new subscription site is rumored to be out of beta mode by this Fall of 2021.3 gorgeous females in lingerie showing their dislike of OnlyFans and switching to the alternative IntrigueMe - 1 girl sitting on a throne chair surrounded by 2 other girls leaning on the chair from behind.

On IntrigueMe, users can interact with creators in a live setting that has an easy-to-use live tips feature. The fans of IntrigueMe creators can subscribe monthly, use pay-per-view messaging, join in on live streams, or unlock individually posted content on the creator’s IM profile page.

Lifetime Discount on Creators’ Commissions Due to OnlyFans Sexual-Content Ban

2 IntrigueMe founders are laying on a bed with red lingerie on.

IntrigueMe is giving a lifetime discount on commissions to creators that join during beta. As of today, the first 500 creators that enter beta that have over 50k Instagram followers will be gifted 6 months free from paying any commissions. Quite a generous offer considering before this “OnlyFans sex ban” the most popular reason creators have switched to IM was due to their industry-leading 12% commission fee.

For content creators, the difference from OnlyFans’ 20% commission to IntrigueMe’s 12% commission structure could mean thousands of dollars per week added to their income. There is also no cap on the amount of tips an IM creator can receive. This has already positioned IntrigueMe as the best OnlyFans alternative according to surveyed creators of sexually explicit content.

The best alternative to OnlyFans represented by a brunette model sitting by a windowsill.


Made By Creators, For Creators

An OnlyFans model stated earlier today, “We never just have a safe place to do our jobs… It’s obvious that this is bad for business.” as quoted from The Daily Beast.

IntrigueMe creators pillow fighting sex workers.As subscription content creators themselves, IntrigueMe’s founding members have officially announced the IM platform will always stands by its creators; “IntrigueMe will always allow sexually explicit content for our creators, we will never strip that away from our community. We’re very passionate about the freedoms our content creators have. Social platforms always change their policies that impact their users for their own convenience, not anymore, not with IntrigueMe.” as stated by Co-Founders Mary Appleby (@maryapplebyy) and Masha Diduk (@Mashadiduk) who have a billionaire investor on their side.

“Feel what it’s like to be truly free on social media”, is the company’s reassuring slogan.

For the OnlyFans creators devastated by the recent change in their content policy, IntrigueMe can be the permanent alternative they’re looking for.

Feel What It’s Like to be Truly Free on Social Media


*All IntrigueMe beta accounts will roll over into permanent live accounts after launch.